update air sdk to 3.9 in flash builder 4.6 Adobe Air

1) download flex SDK 
download lastest sdk without new compiler ( refer below screen shot )

2) copy previous sdk folder
and past to FB sdk folder with new name (like a "4.6.0_air3.9")

3) extract downloaded zip and override using ditto command. (in mac)
e.g. > ditto {extracted folder} {4.6.0_air3.9}

4) you will see this message  "This project does not contain any applications" when debugging.

5) change the .actionScriptProperties file to new format.


<compilerSourcePath> ... </compilerSourcePath>

change to 



replace below


to this

  <application path="{Input Here The Application Name}.mxml">

your application name input the {Input Here The Application Name}

all process is done.

you can 5th step by yourself.

make new project using air 3.9 and compare the difference of .actionScriptProperties with that in previous project.


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