hackthissite - basic - 9 해킹

The password is again hidden in an unknown file. However, the script that was previously used to find it has some limitations. Requirements: Knowledge of SSI, unix directory structure.

unix 디렉터리 구조라니.

Network Security Sam is going down with the ship - he's determined to keep obscuring the password file, no matter how many times people manage to recover it. This time the file is saved in /var/www/

In the last level, however, in my attempt to limit people to using server side includes to display the directory listing to level 8 only, I have mistakenly screwed up somewhere.. there is a way to get the obscured level 9 password. See if you can figure out how...

This level seems a lot trickier then it actually is, and it helps to have an understanding of how the script validates the user's input. The script finds the first occurance of '<--', and looks to see what follows directly after it.

<-- 라는 부분을 검사해서 제외시킨다는 말이다.
또 다른 구문이 있겠지 하면서 찾아보니, 그냥 8단계에서 9단계 디렉토리를 똑같이 보면 된단다..

<!--#exec cmd="ls ../9/"--> 를 입력.

If you are trying to use server side includes to solve the challenge, you are on the right track: but I have limited the commands allowed to ones relevant towards finding the password file for security reasons(because there will always be that one person who decides to execute some rather nasty commands). So please manipulate your code so that it is a little more pertaining to the level.

라고 한다.. 
즉, 상대경로를 통해 디렉토리 검색을 수행하는 것은 애초에 이 사이트 자체에서 허용된 부분 이외의 영역을 해칠 수 있으니 막아놓는다는 말이다.
아마 <!--#exec cmd="[~~]"--> 같은 구문도 전부 일일히 검사해서 적절한 페이지를 보여주는 것일 것이다.
그래서 절대경로를 이용해야 한다.
친절하게 맨 위에서 /var/www/ 라고 알려주었다.

<!--#exec cmd="ls /var/www/"--> 를 입력.

Hi, index.php p91e283zc3.php!Your name contains 24 characters. 
에서 해당 php 파일로 이동하여 password를 보면 된다.


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